We specialize in creating unique and custom photographic portraits utilizing clusters of images to tell a story.  Our portrait sessions are comprised of three parts, a planning session, a portrait session and an ordering session.  We will work with you to create timeless and authentic images that you will proudly display for generations.

SESSION FEE:  $250 (Includes a $100 credit towards your portrait order)


Preliminary meeting to discuss locations, clothing, use of hair or make-up professionals, and other event logistics.  Your Portrait Session and Ordering Session will be scheduled at this time.  A deposit will be necessary to book your portrait session.


This is the date and time your portraits will be taken.  The portrait session begins with a review and signing of a model release and event agreement.  Final clothing selections will be made.  You will be consulted about different posing options, however, our desired goal is to capture natural and authentic expressions.  The portrait session may include lighting assistants, hair and make-up professionals, clothing consultants, props and specialty equipment depending on the details discussed during your planning session.  The duration of the portrait session will depend on the needs of the client but may range from 2 – 4 hours.  Remember to arrive early with a lot of enthusiasm!  You are going to have a GREAT TIME and create some AMAZING IMAGES!  Your ordering session will be booked at the conclusion of our portrait session.


All ordering sessions are held at our home studio where we will present proofs of your portrait images.  We ask that you bring along photos of any walls in your home that you wish to display your final portrait artwork.  To assist in selecting the proper size and quantity, we suggest that you include an 8×10 piece of white paper on the relevant walls.  Together, we will assist you in selecting from a wide variety of methods and media to display and enjoy your portrait art.  Presently, our clients prefer wall collages, albums and books.  Wall collages start at $150.  Additional display options include Classic Paper, Canvas, Metal, Wood Frames and Gallery Blocks.


  High resolution digital images are not offered solely as a product order.  We do offer social media and personal device friendly image copies of any portrait images ordered.  Once an image is purchased for print the device friendly image will be made available to you.  These images are low resolution and watermarked with our logo.  These images are available upon pickup and delivery of your final order.


I believe in the significance and value of photography and the importance of telling our personal and unique stories.  Printed photographs are tangible.  We can hold them, touch them, share them, frame them and hang them on a wall in our homes.  Portraits constructed of real pictures created on professional paper can be treasured and enjoyed by our children and our children’s children for years to come.

I believe the best way to provide the highest quality of service to my clients is to present them with beautiful and professionally finished work.  Handing a client a flash drive or a DVD and sending them on their way is not the best representation of my work or the value I place on photographs.

I believe in printing my work professional by professional labs.  The photographs I create are not only precious to my clients but they are precious to me.  It is my work, a lifetime of passion, thought, emotion and experience that deserves to be printed professionally.  Can you imagine a floppy disk, a DVD or a flash drive sitting in a frame representing your family portraits?  We can’t touch a file and the truth is we don’t know the longevity of a file or if we will even be able to find it someday.  How many pictures do you have on your computer that are still not printed?

I understand that in today’s age of digital technology you want to share images through social media and view them on portable devices.  For this reason, I offer web-friendly and device optimized images.  The images are not formatted for printing and contain a signature watermark.

I believe not all labs are created equally.  Quality printing is not something the corner drug store offers.  Professional labs have strict quality control and print on quality paper in a manner consistent with the standards I desire.  As an artist, I am a perfectionist when it comes to composition, format, cropping, color, density and print quality and chose to maintain control over these variables.  I insist on this to maintain a level of quality that I believe you deserve.