Spa and Portrait Headshots for Pre-Teen Girl

Pre-Teen Girls at Spa Portrait Session

I recently had the opportunity to attend and photograph a pre-teen birthday party for an adorable girl named Coral that was turning 11 years old.  Her grandparents and family came up with the brilliant idea to Host a Spa and Portrait Party for her.  The spa treatment and fashion shoot was hosted in their own home!  The girls attending the party took turns rotating through spa stations monitored by other family members and friends that included a face mask treatment, foot soaking, manicure, hair preparation, and makeup station.  It was a fun and memorable afternoon that involved participants of all ages.

At the Makeup Station

At the Makeup Station

As the photographer for the event, I walked around taking candid shots of the girls laughing and enjoying themselves.  The television was turned off and some casual dance music was played to adding to the festive atmosphere.
Their spa treatment concluded with a portrait headshot session that I conducted. Afterwards I did some quick editing of the shots and coordinated printing the final portraits that were provided to the participants and their families.  The final portraits were displayed in personally decorated frames that each of the girls prepared and decorated themselves.



1.  Purchase and Bring Photo Frames and Decorating Supplies

The photo frames for our event were purchased from a local dollar store to minimize the costs.  They had a clear glass border that provided ample space for personally decorating the frames using a variety of colorful pens and craft supplies. All of these items were purchased for a nominal fee.

2.  Confirm Your Spa Supplies

The spa supplies were largely provided by the volunteers and / or purchased at the local pharmacy.  The larger items such as foot bath, nail dryer and hair dryers were provided by the volunteers or were already on hand.Girls Pre-Teen Spa Treatment Birthday Party

3.  Confirm You Have a Sufficient Number of Volunteers to Assist

Adequate volunteers are a must for a successful event.  You will require at least one volunteer for each station.  I utilized 1-2 volunteers to assist me with the final portraits.  One was used to monitor the height adjustment of the background and another to help with posing.

4.  Designate and Setup Spa Stations and Portrait Session Area

Portable tables and folding chairs were setup in different areas of the home to provide enough room for participants and volunteers.

5.  Background Music Will Help Maintain a Fun and Festive Atmosphere

Age appropriate music was played through a stereo system.  Turning off the television was a great way to keep the party focused on the participants without distraction.

6.  Take a Variety of Photographs Throughout the Event To Properly Capture The Fun and Emotion

Many of the most memorable moments of the party took place throughout the event at each of the stations.  The photographer will have the best success at photographing these moments by moving around from station to station.

Birthday Portrait CollagePhotography Equipment Used

The primary photography equipment I used for this event:

  • Nikon D7000
  • Nikon 50mm f/1.4G Prime Lens
  • 2-3 Flash Speedlights (Nikon and Yongnuo)
  • 2-3 Yongnuo Wireless Triggers
  • 32″ Umbrella and Stand
  • 22″ 5 in 1 Reflector (Used white side for backgroup)
  • Post processing done with Adobe Lightroom
Do you have any fun photography ideas you can share with us and our community?  We would love to hear from you!