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My inspiration for picking up the camera began as a young man. I was given a used Canon Film camera with a small assortment of lenses as a gift.  Raised in Northern Arizona, I was surrounded by the majestic beauty of Grand Canyon National Park which may have served as a source of my inspiration.  Although I am certain that I took my fair share of photographs of this world wonder, I confess that my most memorable photographs included people.

Photography has come along way over the years since the days of the department store family portrait, the snapshot taken by the instant camera, or the local photo booth.  Today, smartphones are the most popular method of capturing snapshots that can be shared instantaneously by Online Social Media.

Portrait photography on the other hand, has not changed over time.  Portraits in the form of paintings, sculptures and photographs have long served as artistic representations of people wherein the face and expression were predominant.  The intent was to display the mood or personality of the person.  Unlike a snapshot, a portrait is a composed image of a person

It is my belief that a still image portrait is an emotional and personal glimpse into the soul and essence of a person.  It’s a moment and emotion frozen in time that captures the drama and passion of everyday life.  It is a single frame that TELLS A STORY and IT IS TIMELESS!

As the Owner of Still In Motion Portraits, I intend to maintain and honor the art and spirit of Portrait Photography.  I am grateful to the people who open their lives to me and accept me to document the most important days of their lives.

Allen Madril , Portrait Photographer and Marketing Director